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Tile & Grout

Keeping tiles and grout lines clean is one of the most grueling, time-consuming chores in a house. It’s only a matter of time before grout lines become darkened with dirt and grime from routine use and daily exposure. And in the moist areas of the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room, the grout lines are susceptible to mold


We all know our favorite chair, couch and sofa like the back of our hand, but do we know what kind of dirt is in it's fabric, and how to clean it properly? Well, you don't need to know - because the experts are just a phone call away! Let us do the dirty work so that you can be sitting in the lap of cleanliness and back to your routine in no time. ​

​5 Seats for $110.00

Steam Cleaning

Muddy paw prints, suspect smells and unidentifiable stains that simply refuse to budge. If this sounds like your carpets at home, it's probably time to have them properly cleaned.

3 Rooms for $80.00 *

* Rooms not exceeding

   3.5X3 Metres per room